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FRP Induces Draft Towers
Thermally efficient, long life, compact and aesthetically beautiful designs. Use of maintenance-free, fixed type of distribution system, PVC Honeycomb Fills to give Film cooling, weather-proof IP-55 enclosure of motors & FRP basin for overflow and drain connector.


Himraj Cooling Systems' cooling towers are in Counter flow design to achieve optimum performance by Uniform water distribution and optimal heat transfer.

It is equipped with FRP Casing/ Basin/ Fill/ Eliminator/ Water Distribution System.


It is made of FRP segments and is Structurally strong enough to withstand various forces and impact.


It is made of FRP segments and is Structurally strong enough to withstand various forces and impact.


It is made of rigid polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) in Honeycomb design and ensures optimum time of contact between air and water yo enhance efficient Cooling. It is available in modular arrangement for easy maintenance and refixing in shortest possible time. The air pressure drop through the fills is also very negligible.


It is made of rigid PVC and ensures reduced water carry over losses.

Water Distribution System:

It is made of static pips with multiple Branch arms and polypropylene spray nozzles ensuring water distribution throughout the fills area and thus achieve efficient cooling.


The is of Axial Flow Type and is directly driven which saves from perennial headache of V-belts/ Gear drives. The fan blades are of cast aluminum alloy and is statically and balanced. (Ask for our Energy Saving Fan made of FRP for energy and airflow)

Fan Drive Motor:

It is available in T.E.F.C. Weatherproof, IP-55 enclosures, Class ‘B’ insulation. Suitable for outdoor installation and are of Reputed Brands.

Inspection / Access Window:

It is provide for maintenance and periodical checking of various segments of the Cooling Tower without disturbing the normal working of cooling tower.


HIMRAJ Cooling Tower are Corrosion-free, Light weight, Compact, Portable and very easy to instal and maintain. They. are truly a “” Customer Delight.

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